How AWESOME is this image?!

Someone recently emailed me this crazy Getty image of a streaker being arrested on a soccer field. Look at the expressions on the bobbies’ faces! I had a good laugh. So when they asked if I’d be interested in creating a collage with similar subject matter, what could I say but YES!! These are definitely clients I want to continue the conversation with!! This level of detail won’t work for the medium, but the theme? Definitely makes me smile. And we all want work that makes us smile.


Pet Portrait Commission

I was recently commissioned to make a collage of a black lab. Not only is it challenging to attain a likeness with torn pieces of magazine paper, but I had no idea working on such dark subject matter would be so complicated!! I started with my usual range of darkest and lightest areas, planning to fill in the gradients between. But then I realized that the dog is BLACK. There won't be any true white areas. Even highlights won't be white white. I had to redo large areas to darken them, using black and white patterns as highlights rather than mostly white pieces. Redoing those areas meant I had to redo the surrounding areas to get the gradient right. Keep in mind that I'm using salvaged magazines, so I have whatever is in my box. It's not like I can just mix up some new paint. I have to take what I've got and figure out how to make it work. I'm still figuring it out. To attain the likeness, my sketch was done against a grid of 1 in squares which was also overlaid on the photo I was given to work from. As I glue down pieces, my grid is obscured. So when I redo areas, I'm kinda eyeballing it. Anyway, I think last night was a turning point. Check out the in process photos. I'll post again when it's done.