The Walkway is DONE!!!

I set all the tiles just as the weather was getting cold. My next-to-last marathon day was spent outside in 40 degrees for over 6 hours. That was a tough one. But the tiles were done! Since I didn't know anything about grouting, I called Alan Shea again to see if he'd give me another lesson. I decided, since I'd been told that grouting is the most important part of a tile job, that I'd hire Alan to do the job and then be his assistant. Alan stopped by with his helper, Willy. Willy ended up doing most of the job, only letting me do very small bits. But I got the idea. The black grout looks fantastic! I'm so pleased with how it came out, and I'd do another project - probably a wall or an indoor project to simplify things a bit. Next step is getting some good photos of the project - once the snow melts! Then I want to send photos to some publications and see what happens.